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Performance and User Experiences Performance and User Experiences

It has long been known that a website’ performance has a direct impact on its audience, their loyalty, and also, in the case of an e-commerce site, on its conversion rate.

Discover your visitors’ real user experience

Operating systems, obsolete browsers, lack of available RAM, downgraded bandwidth, more limited equipment or terminals, use of mobiles and tablets, impacts of partner tags and ad server solutions, and more: any of these can slow load times.


The only performance that counts when it comes to boosting your conversion rate is the performance experienced by the user. There can be a significant gap between the time it takes a server to produce the main part of a web page and the time that the page takes to appear before the user’s eyes.The server side often responds in less than a second, but it can take more than 10 seconds from the user’s perspective.

Performance and User Experiences

Reliably measure your site’s performance as perceived by its users with RUM

Up until now, the website optimization process followed two separate lines. On the one hand, this involved server optimizations pertaining to software packages, integrators and systems architects. On the other were front-end optimizations pertaining to different techniques, some specific to the set-up phase (CSS, JS, HTML, etc.).

Once good performance practices have been applied, service quality monitoring is typically handled by external monitoring tools like and 2Be-FFICIENT.

However, even in a complete simulation mode, monitoring still did not provide the required level of information. In fact, it was generally performed (a) server to server, (b) over a high bandwidth and (c) always using precisely the same configuration (processor, memory, browser, etc.). In other words, it simulates a single user, with rather high quality equipment, and says nothing about the great diversity in real users.

Real User Monitoring was born of this need. As its name suggests, RUM involves monitoring, not by simulating users, or even by sampling, but rather by taking measurements from the real sessions of real users, for each and every user.

Smile Hosting has developed a RUM solution (ConversionBooster) that can help to optimize your business. Our service unfolds in two stages: 

  • RUM set-up on the client and server sides: our engineering teams will integrate data collection and storage tools on your website;
  • Dashboard design and data analysis: our consultants will propose dashboards based on your needs and guide you through your data analysis.

Our promise: You will stop blindly managing your optimization projects!

Click here to visit our dedicated website and learn more about our RUM solution.

The ConversionBooster RUM solution is also available in SaaS mode at the portal,