Public Cloud AWS

AmazonWebServices (AWS)

Our offer on AWS offers the same outsourcing and quality services as those outlined above for the Private Cloud, but Smile can also help its customers analyze the benefits they can derive from this type of offer and make it themselves the best use.

>> Automatic scalability

AWS offers incomparable solutions to meet the needs of agility and instant elasticity of sites whose attendance varies greatly over time

>> Optimization of infrastructure costs

AWS optimizes infrastructure costs. Your invoice fits your consumption.

Our teams - and our tools - continuously optimize platform architectures for real needs.

No surprise? SMILE can ensure expenditure forecasts!

>> Worldwide deployment

AWS offers unparalleled geographic coverage, ensuring proximity to your customers anywhere in the world.

>> Security

The AWS platform offers an optimum level of security and certifications recognized in the sector as PCI DSS level 1 or ISO 27001.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) allows you to commission a section of the cloud that has been isolated logically. You maintain full control over your network environment.