Private Cloud

An expert in virtualization and cloud platforms, Smile Outsourcing can guide you through the implementation of a dedicated cloud environment that will give you real scalability and optimize your infrastructure costs (up to and including billing your in-house departments for their use, for example). 

This gives you all the benefits of cloud environments, but on your own assets or on dedicated machines hosted at Smile Outsourcing’s datacenters.

To do this, our teams will help you with your design (how to define a scalable architecture?), your choice of solutions best suited to your needs (like OpenStack, KVM, OpenVZ, Xen, Puppet, Ansible, Fabric, etc.) and the implementation of private and dedicated clouds. 

A private cloud with public cloud capacities

Smile Outsourcing can also offer:

  • overflow from your private cloud to our public cloud (Smile Cloud);
  • scalability via Scale-in (provision of resources) / Scale-out (horizontal scalability);
  • Overcommit options (in the case of overcommitted resources).