Hybrid cloud

The Hybrid Cloud service is a mix of the Public and Private Cloud services. It allows you to combine the resources of your private cloud (or your current dedicated infrastructure) with the public cloud, on a one-off basis. Smile Outsourcing’s Hybrid Cloud service can be used by any structure, regardless of size. The Hybrid Cloud service is an ideal complement to dedicated infrastructure, to increase its capacity on an occasional basis. 

Thanks to our Smile Cloud platform, Smile Outsourcing can easily add extra resources for you by creating new front-end/application virtual machines (VMs) on our cloud platform.


These VMs will then be declared to the load balancer as part of the pool of front-end servers and immediately integrated with your architecture.

In this way, you can very easily ramp up from 2 to 10 front-end VMs, or more! We can add as many VMs as necessary, to enable you to sail smoothly through your occasional spikes in traffic (sales periods, marketing actions, seasonal fluctuations, etc.).

The configuration of Smile Outsourcing’s VMs can be adjusted according to the number of CPUs, volume of RAM, disk space, and so on.

Scale to Cloud is the perfect add-on for e-merchants!