OpenStack Platforms

In 2012, after two years of research and development, Smile Hosting launched its Smile Cloud services (based on OpenStack).

Why OpenStack? 

OpenStack lays the foundations for most new open sourcecloud computingarchitectures. It supports the majority of virtualization platforms on the marketand is open to the datacentres of the future.

Backed by a community of more than 500 developers, close to 10,000 Foundation members and over 200 sponsors,it has become one of the most widely used solutions on the market today!

In concrete terms,OpenStack offers extreme interoperability with the cloud, enabling companies to connect the majority of their assets to their cloud platforms, regardless of point of origin.

In addition, OpenStack simplifies the creation of a scalable cloud platform thatcan be re-scaled at any time, without any interruption of service, to adapt to growth in demand, be that growth gradual or sudden.

The open source architecture of OpenStack lends itself to recognizing the majority of infrastructure components, or even all of them, where based on standards. The contribution of SDN (software defined network) technology tends to createan abstraction layer of the network’s physical layer, which will be driven by the administrator and, above all, will be completely automated in the cloud infrastructure layer in the near future.

In other words, this solution offers technological independence with which anyone can communicate.


Strengths of OpenStack

  • Scalable: This solution has already been rolled out around the world, at companies whose data volumes are counted in petabytes, on decentralized, scalable architecture.
  • Flexible & Compatible: OpenStack supports most of the market’s virtualization solutions: ESX, HyperV, KVM, LXC, QEMU, UML, Xen and XenServer.
  • Open: Being an open source technology, the code is modifiable and adaptable, as needed. The OpenStack project also has a strict validation process for the adoption and development of new standards.

Our portfolio based on OpenStack

Smile Hosting can help you to identify the cloud service that best suits you. The table below provides a simplified overview of the difference scenarios of use and can point you toward the most appropriate service, between Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. In each case, Smile Cloud will guarantee flexibility, savings, performance, transparency, support and security. Which service for which need?