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Since 2006, Smile Hosting has expanded the use of virtualization solutions (like OpenVZ, Xen and KVM) to the entire scope of its IT management services, developing unique skills in this domain (as can, in particular, be seen in its white paper on virtualization and open source clouds). 

In 2012, after two years of research and development, Smile Hosting launched its Smile Cloud services (based on OpenStack).

Just like OpenStack, the performance of open source technologies is particularly strong in the cloud. Backed by 10 years’ open source IT management experience, Smile is also one of the most cutting-edge hosts in the operational rollout of cloud infrastructure, giving its clients immediate benefits in terms of flexibility, expandability, responsiveness and cost.

Our services

Thanks to Smile Hosting’s Scale to Cloud technology, our Smile Cloud services can be provided using a public cloud, private cloud or even a hybrid cloud. The entire Smile Cloud portfolio guarantees flexibility, savings, performance, transparency, support and security.


Which service for which need? 

Smile Hosting can help you to identify the cloud service that best suits you. The table below provides a simplified overview of the difference scenarios of use and can point you toward the most appropriate service, between Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. In each case, Smile Cloud will guarantee flexibility, savings, performance, transparency, support and security.

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

What is it?
The Public Cloud service provides a flexible, open structure managed by Smile Hosting, to which several clients have access via the web. This allows multiple clients to share the same infrastructure, giving them attractive financial terms.

What is it?
The Private Cloud service is a dedicated structure that is deployed and operated for a single client. It can only be accessed by authorized users, over secure networks.

What is it?
The Hybrid Cloud service is a mix of the Public and Private Cloud services. It allows you to combine the resources of your private cloud (or your current dedicated infrastructure) with the public cloud, on a one-off basis.


For whom? 
For any structure, regardless of size. The Public Cloud service provides high level hosting at a reduced cost.

For whom? 
Primarily for large structures that want their own cloud infrastructure for all their departments. 

For whom? 
For any structure, regardless of size. The Hybrid Cloud service is an ideal complement to dedicated infrastructure, to increase its capacity on an occasional basis.


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