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Architectural Consulting & Expertise Architectural Consulting & Expertise

Our business entails supporting you in the optimization of your infrastructure and providing you with prompt support for all your open source solutions.

Strategic partnerships, certified team members and more than 10 years’ experience make Smile Hosting the expert partner for advanced issues like performance optimization, web industrialization and secure hosting. We will recommend the right open source solution from amongst the best on the market, to meet your every need.

Application Performance

For more than 10 years, Smile Hosting has been developing unique skill sets in application performance management, including the development of unique user experience measurement tools

Beyond assistance with your choice of tools, compliance with good development practices and the definition of an architecture suited to your open source application, Smile Hosting will also guide you through optimizing your infrastructure performance by means of load testing (via JMeter and Gatling), failure testing, performance audits and in-depth monitoring of perceived performance levels (using ConversionBooster, Nagios, Centreon and

Smile Hosting can also work directly on your application and your infrastructure, to optimize all your application caches (by means of audits and detailed recommendations using tools like Memcached and Varnish). 

Lastly, Smile Hosting has built strong ties with Cedexis, a web traffic manager that can optimize your infrastructure’s availability (up to 100%) by selecting the clouds, CDNs and dedicated environments with the best availability. 

Clouds and virtualization

An expert in virtualization and cloud platforms, Smile Hosting can guide you through the implementation of a dedicated cloud environment that will give you real scalability and optimize your infrastructure costs (up to and including billing your in-house departments for their use, for example). 

To do this, our teams will help you with your design (how to define a scalable architecture?), your choice of solutions best suited to your needs (like OpenStack, KVM, OpenVZ, Xen, Puppet, Fabric, etc.) and the implementation of private and dedicated clouds

Smile Hosting can also offer you its public cloud (Smile Cloud), migrations to KVM and the on-the-fly re-scaling of VMs through cloud automation.

Smile Hosting can also provide a large number of open source solutions in SaaS mode.

Production chain industrialization

Backed by hundreds of projects fulfilled each year and having established the industrialization of its know-how as a strategic aspect of development,Smile has perfected effective methods for achieving very significant optimizations in terms of developments, releases production, etc., and, more generally, along the entire production chain.In this, Smile Hosting is involved in both design support and the definition of industrialized architectures like “development factories”, integration and continuous rollouts.

To this end, Smile Hosting relies on the best solutions on the market, the likes of Capistrano and Chef for delivery and continuous rollout issues and Jenkins, PhP underC, Phing, Eclipse PDT, PHPMD, CodeSniffer, Selenium, etc., for development issues.

High availability

For many web services, any downtime, however brief it may be, is unacceptable. High availability guarantees that the service provided will be accessible, without interruption.

Fault tolerance, i.e. the ability to offer uninterrupted service despite a fault (either on the hardware or the software), is one of the prerequisites of high availability. 

High availability is a matter of processes, much more than of infrastructure: development and rollout processes, but also supervision and operation processes. For this reason, Smile Hosting will guide you from the very beginning, with the definition of a DRP or BCP appropriate to your business, as well as the definition of HA infrastructure based on the top open source tools (like HAProxy, KeepAlived, Linux-HA and LVS).

Smile has produced a white paper compiling all the conditions and software needed to build high availability architectures.

Secure hosting

As the leading open source e-commerce host, Smile Hosting has built up substantial expertise in secure hosting, able to meet the most demanding expectations. For this purpose, Smile Hosting performs intrusion testing (internal and external security tests and web security tests), analyses of software versions (installed updates) and code and log audits.  


Combining our expertise in clouds and virtualization and in production chain industrialization, Smile Hosting can help you to define our own PaaS platform that will be able to efficiently and economically implement continuous delivery techniques. For all Drupal Commerce, Drupal, Symfony and other PHP based applications, Smile Hosting recommends the platforms offered by Commerce Guys, a Smile Hosting partner.