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IT management has been Smile Outsourcing’s core business for more than 10 years now.As the IT manager of several hundreds of the largest European websites and applications, Smile Outsourcing has a strong commitment to the IT management of your solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of open source solutions guarantees a firmly DevOps-oriented approach. In brief:

  • 24/7 supervision;
  • Flat monthly administration charge (unlimited time);
  • High level service commitments
  • open source expertise
  • Automation/devops tools

Our uniqueness, your project assets

Smile Outsourcing’s position is that of a true open source IT manager. Our understanding of source codes, knowledge of the solutions and our flexible and responsive organization enable us to provide real added value to your projects.

An organization focused on people

Smile stands apart from classic hosts through its service-oriented organization. In fact, our service centre is organized into teams of Systems and Network Engineers (SNEs).Yours will be thesame team as the one in charge of first and second line support for your platform, under the responsibility of a Project Manager (your dedicated contact).

This structure allows us to personalize our relations with you. You will work with contacts that you know and who know your platform, so that they can step in and intervene quickly and efficiently. 

A proven methodological framework

To facilitate customer relations, there are multiple channels for communications with Smile Outsourcing :

  • By telephone: calling your dedicated contact’s direct line or the service centre number;
  • By email: at your contact’s address, the service centre’s address or the distribution list including the client’s project teams;
  • By ticket: using our ticketing solution based on Redmine.

In the absence of the project manager (on holiday, a meal break, etc.), his/her partner (another project team member accustomed to working on the platform) will stand in. Any problems will be escalated to the different managers at Smile Outsourcing and at Smile’s expert divisions.

This organization relies on the use of ITIL best practiceswith custom process management (incidents, problems, changes, etc.) and systematic platform documentation (CMDB, KEDB, etc.). 

Comprehensive tools adapted to open source applications

Your site is continuously monitored by all our probes, including our "Suri5" tool, developed specifically to monitor critical open source applications. This tool sends us alerts in the event of excessive response times, unavailability, content errors, etc.

Smile Outsourcing uses more than a dozen tools to ensure the highest level of availability.

  • The Suri5 platform, a monitoring tool dedicated to Smile Outsourcing’s IT management. This platform is fully redundant. In this way, alert emails are sent from two separate sources on two different carriers and arrive at our redundant SMTP servers. When an alert email reaches our SMTP servers, the site is automatically verified to eliminate any temporary downtime, i.e. due to a server reboot, etc. If unavailability is confirmed, two text messages are sent from two separate systems: a text message transmission portal and a text message out-box at Smile Outsourcing. In a few seconds, the on-call engineer receives the text message, allowing him/her to respond as quickly as possible to get the service up and running again.
  • Shinkenis an open source application that enables systems and network monitoring. What began as a Nagios Proof of Concept for decentralized architectures, quickly achieved performance levels and flexibility far superior to its predecessor. Smile Outsourcing uses this tool on a daily basis.
  • Systems monitoring is provided on an ongoing basis by the Munin solution. This monitoring can be done asynchronously, and exchanges occur over secure feeds (rsync over SSH). As a result there is no SNMP opening on the networks that we do not control, nor are any special ports opened for data retrieval.
  • Lastly, for some clients we use third-party monitoring by IP Label, to ensure the impartiality of measurements and alerts, as necessary.


Smile Outsourcing is also the vendor of monitoring platform WoozWeb, a benchmark for the market that is used by thousands of accounts around the world. The tool utilizes geographically scattered probes to test the monitored sites. This monitoring detects any service cuts or slowdowns. The diagnosis covers DNS resolution, network access, response times and compliance with a model.