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Smile Partnering with OVH

Smile Partnering with OVH

Smile forms an alliance with, the leading Internet host in France and Europe. The aim of this partnership is to offer physical and virtual machines fitted with open source software selected, configured, pre-installed and optimized by experts from Smile and

Acclaim for open source solutions

Whether it is a matter of content management (CMS), e-commerce, document management, integrated management (ERP), enterprise portals, social networks, mobility, collaborative work, or anything else, open source solutions cover a broad spectrum of needs. Adopted by a growing number of government administrations and companies, from SMEs to the largest companies, they boast numerous strengths, outside the fact that they are available at no cost.

« Beyond cost issues, the popularity of open source software can also be explained by the independence from vendors that they provide, and by the longevity and capacity for innovation ensured by their developer communities. But decision-makers also appreciate the flexibility and openness that they offer, because the code can be modified to adapt the solution to organizations’ specific needs. Lastly, security experts recommend their use, in that the code’s accessibility makes it possible control their infallibility,» explains Grégory Bécue, Smile Marketing Director.

In response to its clients’ demand, has always proposed a broad array of open source solutions, pre-installed on its servers, alongside the major proprietary solutions on the market. Today, 90% of the Roubaix host’s machines actually run on open source distributions (the vast majority on Linux).

But users, faced with a plethora of different hosting solutions as well as open source software options, often need help in finding the perfect environment for their applications. and Smile: two leaders with highly complementary skill sets

If the expert in physical and virtual hosting infrastructure and the expert in open source solutions are partnering today, it is to offer their respective clients packages that are increasingly “enterprise-ready”. In other words, to align open source software with host environments customized to accommodate it.

In concrete terms, will rely on Smile’s expertise to offer its clients a selection of open source distributions pre-installed, chiefly on its virtual servers (VPS, PaaS, Public Cloud, etc.). Specially optimized by the experts at Smile to adapt perfectly to hosting, the selected open source software will be identified by a “Powered by Smile &” label. This label is intended to direct web traffic, guaranteeing a match between the software solutions they need and the hosting service that will accommodate them.

On its end, Smile will offer packages on its website, particularly those designed for small, medium and intermediate sized enterprises. These solutions will also be able to meet testing and spot needs for the cloud and will be the perfect addition to Smile’s hosting business.

Further, on its website will offer its users business intelligence tools (namely white papers) written by its new partner, Smile.

«’s and Smile’s expertise is perfectly complementary. The recipe for the success of an online project is based on the successful fusion of software, consulting, projects and the infrastructure that hosts them. This is why has built a network of partners, newly joined by Smile. Given the parallel development of our companies and their leadership, it was only logical for our paths to cross,” exults Alexandre Morel, Product Marketing Director. “The ecosystem, supported by our MarketPlace and events like the upcoming OVH Summit on 8 October 2013, is all the stronger for it.»

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