Our Teams

With more than 20 years’ experience with open source solutions, choosing Smile Outsourcing means placing your trust in technological expertise recognized by more than 400 clients and their global issues.

As the leading expert in open source technologies in France and Europe, our role is to supply you with the solutions best suited to your business, whether you operate on a local or a global scale.

In this, you can rely on our team of 50 open source and systems engineering experts. 

Human expertise and dedication

Smile stands apart from classic hosts through its service-oriented organization. In fact, our service centre is organized into teams of Systems and Network Engineers (SNEs). Yours will be the same team as the one in charge of first and second line support for your platform, under the responsibility of a Project Manager (your dedicated contact).This is our guarantee to you, of a dedicated project team.

human expertise and dedication

This structure allows us to personalize our relations with you. You will work with contacts that you know and who know your platform, so that they can step in and intervene quickly and efficiently.
This organization does not exclude the use of ITIL best practices with custom process management (incidents, problems, changes, etc.) and systematic platform documentation (CMDB, KEDB, etc.).  

If your project is handled by Smile’s engineering teams, a single contact will be designated for you, for all your project’s phases: design, development, integration, hosting, maintenance, training, etc.

No more being shuffled back and forth between integrator and host, thanks to your single provider: Smile!

A strong human dimension

Our teams’ expertise is accompanied by soft skills that are particularly well suited to your requirements. We are resolutely service-oriented and understand your business lines, constraints and issues!

  • Responsiveness (commitment to application availability with short response times)
  • Team availability (extended hours during sales and marketing campaigns)
  • Flexibility in implementation, with delivery accounts with special user rights and tools, plus an advisory and support role

Our professional commitment

Over and above our teams’ human dimension, Smile Hosting makes real professional commitments based on stringent requirements: 

  • A multi-site service centers (Paris, Montpellier, Lyon & Amsterdam) guaranteeing a more local presence
  • Use of ITIL methodology
  • Complete control over our infrastructure, for greater flexibility and responsiveness: private cold corridors, own network core, etc.

Our open source expertise

Over the years, Smile Outsourcing has developed open source expertise that serves as a benchmark for its market, in terms of performance management, availability management, security management, and more.

Our approach is firmly DevOps-oriented, with our perfect knowledge of all the solutions and infrastructure that we manage. 

This has led us to increased proactivity (e.g. information about performance enhancements from one version to the next) and to 24/7 monitoring and servicing.