Our Infrastructure

Since 2007, Smile Hosting has had its own infrastructure, based on two next generation datacentres in the greater Paris region. It supplements this with its portfolio of multi-cloud services, working with partners the likes of Amazon WS, Numergy, OVH.com and more.

Multiple sites

Smile Hosting will host your data at three next generation datacentres in the greater Paris region and in Amsterdam:

  • Iliad Entreprises in Vitry-sur-Seine
  • Equinix PA3 in Saint-Denis
  • Global Switch in Amsterdam

These datacentres follow a Tier III+ design, making it possible to respond to high energy savings and uptime requirements. This geographic distribution allows us to offer a multi-DC infrastructure to our clients. We have developed real expertise in designing high performance, high availability architectures.


  • Smile has its own autonomous system (AS #197455)
  • A fully redundant network
  • 3 transit suppliers: Ielo, Level 3 and Iliad
  • Network core using Cisco equipment
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