About us

A service-oriented organization

Smile stands apart from classic hosts through its service-oriented organization. In fact, our service centre is organized in teams of Systems and Network Engineers (SNEs). Yours will be the same team as the one in charge of first and second line support for your platform, under the responsibility of a Project Manager (your dedicated contact). This structure allows us to personalize our relations with you. You will work with contacts that you know and who know your platform, so that they can step in and intervene quickly and efficiently.

This organization does not exclude the use of ITIL best practices with custom process management (incidents, problems, changes, etc.) and systematic platform documentation (CMDB, KEDB, etc.).

Our added value

Smile Outsourcing’s position is truly that of a comprehensive open source IT manager. Our understanding of source codes, knowledge of the solutions and our flexible and responsive organization enable us to provide added value to your projects.

As part of a Smile development, we can also make commitments to you, in terms of deadlines and performance levels. This offer overcomes the classic ping-pong effect between integrator and host, which means a loss of time and, therefore, of money.

More than 10 years’ shared commitment

More than 10 years of complete IT management and seven years of outsourcing:

  • 1998: Launch of our IT management business. We begin to manage hosting solutions within the context of developments produced by Smile.
  • 2006: Industrialization of our hosting service and first IT management of websites not developed by Smile.
  • 2006: Expansion of use of virtualization solutions on our platforms.
  • 2007: Investment in our own infrastructure, to be able to offer hosting services and, consequently, better responsiveness to our clients.
  • 2009: Smile Système divides in two, with the birth of Smile Hosting.
  • 2011: Smile Hosting opens a second office in Paris, to be closer to our clients in Ile-de-France.
  • 2011: Development of our infrastructure, now with private cold corridors at two separate datacentres. Acquisition and integration of Stone-IT in the Netherlands, a leader in open source IT management and infrastructure expertise.
  • 2011: With the acquistion of Stone-IT, Smile Hosting acquired a third datacentre in the Amsterdam region. 
  • 2012: Launch of our Cloud portfolio based on OpenStack.
  • 2013: Launch of our Scale to Cloud service enabling Hybrid Clouds.
  • 2016: Smile Hosting and Open Wide Outsourcing merge to give "Smile Outsourcing", with teams based in Amsterdam, Paris, Lyon and Montpellier, and 4 datacenters spread over these areas.